Pensacola, USA

Our house.

Our house.

Our back garden and patio.

Our back garden and patio.

The kitchen and breakfast area.

The kitchen and breakfast area.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach.


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1 story house in Pensacola, USA

Our home has 2100-sq. ft. There are two bedrooms, each has a queen size bed (grand lit) and its own bath. The house will therefore sleep either 2 couples, or a couple with only one child. There is a living room, kitchen, dining room, sunroom, a study (office) in the third bedroom, plus a separate laundry room in the rest of the house. The back garden has a patio ideal for eating outside. The house is fully air-conditioned and has ceiling fans to make indoor life extremely pleasant during the warmer months.
My 2015 exchange was the 12th made with Intervac.
Here are 8 more photos of our home.  At top left are two of our Living Room, with the first looking into part of the dining area (with the piano), and beyond that into what we call the Sun Room.  Behind that is our garden, which is also shown in the third photo.  #4 shows our kitchen with its breakfast area;
 The bottom row shows the kitchen from the opposite direction, looking into the dining room, followed by the Dining Room as seen from the Living Room.  The next image is of the master bedroom, and the last shows Pete enjoying breakfast on the patio.

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  • Okolica domu: 1950 sq ft

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You will notice that our home is near the airport, but as we are not under the end of a runway but off to the side, noise is not a problem at all. Airport proximity does make flying in and out of Pensacola very easy, as we have direct, non-stop connections to airports of entry such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Orlando, etc.

The photo is of Plaza Ferdinand in downtown Pensacola, just to give you an idea of what the older parts of our city look like. Next is Seville Square, a very nice park in our historic district where there are summer concerts and various major festivals.  The remaining 2 photos are of Pensacola Bay.

The old downtown part of Pensacola has been thoroughly rejuvenated over the last 2-3 decades and is now a thriving part of the city, with shops, restaurants, many with sidewalk tables, art galleries, Segway tours and more. Palafox Place was named one of the “10 Great Streets in America” in 2013 by the American Planning Association.

Much archaeological work has been done in Pensacola and nearby regions, unearthing remains and artifacts from Spanish and British colonial periods. In fact, just in the fall of 2015 archaeologists at the University of West Florida succeeded in definitively locating the long-sought site of the De Luna landing of 1559, which was a major colonization effort by the Spanish that lasted for two years before finally falling victim to the major hurricane that greeted them in their first month here, destroying most of their ships and supplies. So Pensacola is now proven to be the first European settlement in what is not the United States, just not the first permanent one. That honor still goes to St. Augustine.

The University's archaeologists have also uncovered many other sites and aspects of Pensacola's history, and these are open to vire around town as well as in the Wentworth Museum.

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