Salamanca, Hiszpania

Sala de estar

Sala de estar

Salamanca-Museo Casa Lis

Salamanca-Museo Casa Lis

Salamanca: Casa de las Conchas

Salamanca: Casa de las Conchas

Salamanca y sus catedrales

Salamanca y sus catedrales

Plaza nevada desde la terraza

Plaza nevada desde la terraza

Sala de estar Salamanca-Museo Casa Lis Salamanca: Casa de las Conchas Salamanca y sus catedrales Plaza nevada desde la terraza

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October 03, 2019 - December 20, 2020 1 weeks

2019-Otoño-Intercambio de 1 weekend en ciudades europeas. Praga, Roma, Génova, Turín, Munich, Marsella, Nápoles, Bratislava, etc. 2020- Intercambios de 1 semana o weekend desde enero de 2020, en zonas de costas y ciudades europeas, en montañas y zonas de senderismo.

January 20, 2020 - September 06, 2020 1 weeks

Abierto a intercambio de fin de semana hasta una semana, también intercambio no simultáneo.

April 01, 2020 - April 20, 2020 12 days

Abierto también a intercambio no simultáneo.

July 10, 2020 - August 31, 2020 3 weeks

Julio y Agosto 2020-Abierto a todos los destinos y sugerencias.

Abierto a intercambios WE otoño 2019 y primavera 2020 y 3-4 semanas en verano de 2020.


I am Teresa and teach at the University of Salamanca. I have exchanged house via Intervac since 1993, always it has been a good experience to know people and countries in a personal way. Normaly I travel with a friend. I am no smoker, and like travels, sport, walking, trekking, music, museum, readings, painting and simply enjoy new people and places.

My house in Salamanca is 15 minutes walking from the center city, in a green area with a panoramic terrase on the garden. Salamanca is an original and atractif destination in the old center of Spain for a long weekend in spring time. As an universitaire city (University founded in 1218), it has been completed with many historic monuments from the romain period (Brigde), medieval Era, Romanesque, gothic, Rennaissance, Baroc (Plateresco is a particular style in Salamanca) and contemporary als the Art Nouveau and Ard Deco Museum of the Casa Lys.

Salamanca is 200 Kms western from the Spain capital, Madrid, and 100 Kms eastern from de Portugal border. There are many natural space as mountain in the south (100 Km.) and river Cannyon on the Douro border with Portugal, near the place producing the Porto Wine; also monumental cities as Zamora, Segovia, Caceres, Leon, Burgos, Toledo. Salamanca lies on the Ruta de la Plata, old romain way S-N between Sevilla and Astorga y Oviedo.
Salamanca is connected by train (90 minutes) and bus (2h30) to the spanish airport Madrid-Barajas, a bus each hour from Madrid Bus Station, and six bus a day from the airport T1&2 and T4.

Non simultaneous exchange is also possible.

I would like to visit Europe (specially St Petersburg, Norwege, Slovaquia) and others continents, America, Asia, Africa (specially South Africa), Australia, as exchange destinations for Summer 2020. Spring (1-2 weeks), Summer (2-4 weeks), Christmas (2 weeks). Exchanges with cities, country, coast of Europe; in Winter specially coast and mediterranean islands. But I am always open to discover any destination. Make me an offer and surprise me, please. I shall answer all your messages.

I hope you will find a occasion to visit Salamanca and Castilla y Leon, in Spain.

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  • University Teacher- más de 50 intercambios desde 1993 en Europa, Usa, Canada

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  • University Teacher- más de 50 intercambios desde 1993 en Europa, Usa, Canada


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Amante de la tranquilidad en casas rurales y también de visitar ciudades de todos los tamaños, por sus atractivos culturales, museos, localización. Me gusta especialmente conocer y recorrer islas. Paseos, senderismo, música, lectura, cine, teatro, ópera y otras aficiones para disfrutar de cada lugar.